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the look on their faces though. its like “omfg, charles. charles, charles. THE HUMAN IS WAVING. WAVE BACK, HURRY.”

omg cutest ever


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-Te amo a ti y solamente a ti.
-¿A cuántas más les dices eso?
-En realidad a muchas. A una enojona, a otra celosa, a una muy cariñosa, a una melosa que raya en lo cursi, a una insegura, a una chica bastante alegre… ¡ah! Y a una regañona. Todas tú. Tan diferente cada día. Y en todos esos días te amo.

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sext: it is a humid night in july. we undress each other in the back of your car and form one mound of sweaty flesh. sext: fireflies fall on your skin. i kiss the trail they leave to find your light. sext: we share a bath and come out dripping each other. sext: the atomic bomb is not as loud as my heartbeat when you lie next to me. sext: come over, i want to taste moonlight when it’s licked off your skin. sext: we undo each other and come back together in one hot flash of light. sext: you burn over everyone else’s touch. sext: they dust me for fingertips and find nothing but your claw marks. sext: the sound of your teeth digging into my bare skin and my moans are the most beautiful duet. sext: you are 48% water. i would be happy to drown in you. sext: you are the poem i will spend my whole life trying to write.

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No human is perfect, and that’s fine, that’s okay - that’s the way it should be[…]imperfection is beautiful.

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This elderly couple took a photo in their small garden outside their house for every season of the year, come rain, snow or shine.

They stood in the same spot for every season and showed off their beautiful little garden, which they were obviously very proud of.

I wasn’t ready for the last one

oh i actually felt that physically